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Top Tips to Host Fundraiser Events in Swansea, Massachusetts

Nonprofit Fundraiser EventFundraising events can be a lot of fun, but they are also a lot of work to organize. Professional event planning staff can take up to a year to plan large scale events at a local banquet facility, so don’t be surprised at how much time can be required to host fundraiser events in Swansea. Nonprofit organizations rely heavily on these annual or semi-annual events, to help pay for the work that they do. Whether you are planning a casual gathering or a formal gala, you need to do everything you can to make sure that your event helps to raise a lot of money in a short amount of time.

Working out all of the little details, such as renting the banquet hall in Swansea, MA, dealing with the menu planning, and hiring the live band, can be overwhelming. Your best bet is to come up with a plan and stick with it. You won’t need the help – or added expense – of professional event planning specialists if you can learn how to be organized. The size of your nonprofit organization and the amount of money that you need to collect will affect the type of event that you host at the local banquet facility. Before you dive in head first, make sure to go over a couple of crucial points.

Step One – Create a Budget
Before you can throw any type of event at the Venus de Milo banquet hall in Swansea, MA you need to make sure that you have a budget. When you are raising money for a nonprofit, you need to maximize the potential of each and every expenditure that you make in order to raise the most money for your cause that you can. Depending on your donor pool and your network within the community, you may be able to get some of the important items on your list donated at no cost. However, in spite of all the freebies you get, you will still need to pay for the venue, the food, the booze and, in some cases, the entertainment. Tips, taxes and meals for staff members should also be included in your budget to help stay on top of your professional event planning budget and schedule.

Step Two – Contact the Supporters
People who support your organization will come in all types and levels of involvement. Some like to support through financial donations, while others like to support by volunteering to help with planning and running errands when you host fundraiser events in Swansea and the surrounding South Coast area. Volunteers can be the best asset to any type of professional event planning. They can pick up things like cups and plates and decorations or they can run around and deliver signed contracts to vendors like bands, DJs and other entertainers on your behalf. They can also be trained to solicit corporate sponsors for your event at the banquet facility to help pay for the costs associated with throwing the gala, party or banquet.

Step Three – Create Opportunities
While there may be lots of people who want to support your nonprofit organization, not everyone can afford to be a $1,000 or $10,000 donor. Make sure to create opportunities for all types of supporters. For example, the ticket to come to your event at the banquet hall in Swansea, MA should be affordable for the average person. However, you can make higher price points, such as reserving an entire table for a business or other generous supporter at a higher rate. You can also have silent auctions where guests bid on donated prizes or raffles where tickets are sold at just a dollar, five or ten dollars, for an entry to win a big grand prize and a couple of smaller giveaways. Purchasing bricks for a walkway or nameplates for a plaque can also be a great way to raise money at various levels for the benefit of donors. Just get creative and find ways that everyone can afford to support your good cause.

Step Four – Plan a Great Party
The number one goal of professional event planning should be to plan a memorable event. Not only will having a fun and exciting party help loosen up guests and get them to support the cause even further, but it will build a reputation for your event that you can use to encourage even more guests to come and support at the banquet hall in Swansea, MA the next time around. Invite a celebrity guest for an appearance or hire a popular speaker or band to play at the banquet facility. You can’t buy the kind of free publicity that will come from all the selfies, social media posts and word of mouth advertising that will come after you have a special guest at your fundraiser event.

Reserve the Date!
Make sure to contact Venus de Milo as soon as you have a target date to host fundraiser events in Swansea. You will want to make sure that you can secure the banquet facility for your desired date without having to compete against too many other organizations. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 to get a FREE estimate on any of our services or to speak with our on-site professional event planning team about taking a tour of our facility.

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