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Trends for Hosting Corporate Events in Swansea, Massachusetts

Trends for Hosting Corporate Events in Swansea, Massachusetts

Hosting Corporate EventsIf you have ever attended a corporate event at a South Coast event venue, chances are you have already seen “it all” when it comes to what you can expect from hosting corporate events in Massachusetts. If it is your job to plan and schedule corporate events in Swansea at a local conference center in Southeastern New England, then you need to do everything you can to set your event apart from all the rest. Fortunately, there are some pretty unique ideas in corporate event planning these days that you can use to boost interest and add value to your event.

Whether you are hosting a weekend conference, a weekday seminar series or a one-day industry meeting for professionals, it pays to work with on-site event coordinators at the local venue to ensure that you include all of the elements you require for your corporate event. Everything from the layout of the space at the event center to the decor, technology options, food and beverage service, and beyond should be well-planned and scheduled to prevent any embarrassing issues from happening during the event.

Unique Venue Opportunities
Venus de Milo is a world-famous restaurant and is well-known in the local area as the premier venue for weddings and wedding receptions. However, you may not know that it also doubles as a conference center in Southeastern New England for corporate events. Industry conferences, seminars, expositions, awards dinners, fund-raisers, corporate meetings and other professional events have all been held at our popular South Coast event venue.

When most people attend corporate events in Swansea, they expect to go to a hotel and conference center combo or at least a community conference center instead of to a well-known New England restaurant. When hosting corporate events in Massachusetts, it pays to think outside the box and look at other venue opportunities. Come visit Venus de Milo for yourself and check out the space that we have available for corporate events. When your guests see on the invitation that they are going to a different type of location, you will instantly pique their interest and get them excited about attending.

Creating an Experience
Instead of just slapping a bunch of sponsor banners on the walls and setting up the traditional exposition booths in the ballroom area, many event planners are now choosing to create an entire experience for attendees that embraces a singular idea or goal throughout the entire planning process. Everything from the decorative items to the lighting, the layout of the floor plan to the technology that is used, and the guest speakers that are invited to make presentations, it should all echo your main theme or idea.

Themes can have something to do with branding the event or reflecting an important issue within your industry. Speak with the event coordinators at the conference center in Southeastern New England about technology options available, such as Wi-Fi for you and all your guests, audio-visual equipment and more that you can use to your advantage. Whether you are hosting a training workshop or a sales conference, it is important to design not just an event, but an experience.

Engage Attendees
Another change in hosting corporate events in Massachusetts is a willingness to work harder to engage the attendees during events at the South Coast event venue. In years past, conferences were put on with their own agenda in mind, promoting industry businesses, education and providing tools that would help them to advance their own goals. However, today’s corporate events in Swansea are moving more toward a focus on the attendee, not just in the experience provided but in increasing the value of attending the event hosted at the conference center in Southeastern New England in the first place.

Some of the ways corporate events are engaging attendees include:

  • interactive workshops replacing boring lectures
  • popular guest speakers and celebrity hosts
  • live feeds and video conferencing instead of Power Point slides
  • event-specific apps, hash tags and mobile incentives
  • audience participation programs

Plan Your Corporate Event at Venus de Milo
If you are searching for a South Coast event venue to host your industry conference, training workshop, corporate meeting or other professional event, consider Venus de Milo. We have a very versatile, multifaceted meeting and event space, featuring the largest banquet and conference center in Southeastern New England. Our venue is conveniently located just off Route 195, for easy access to all of the major highways and interstates arteries that feed Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We offer free parking for all of your guests and are conveniently located to airports, as well as a wide variety of local hotel accommodations. Call today to start planning your corporate events in Swansea by dialing 508-678-3901.

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