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Elegant Fall River Wedding Reception Planning in Massachusetts

Elegant Fall River Wedding Reception Planning in Massachusetts

There are many reasons why couples will choose a particular venue for an elegant wedding in Massachusetts. The size of the space, the decor of the ballroom, the location of the property, and the quality of the food are just some of the features that will inspire them to host a wedding reception in Swansea, MA at Venus de Milo. Conveniently located off Route 195, our MA wedding and banquet facility is the perfect venue for guests coming from all over Southern New England. With five spacious ballrooms to choose from, there is plenty of space for guest lists of all sizes. Venus de Milo boasts over five decades of hosting weddings, and we are proud that many couples come here directly from referrals made by past clients.

However, one of the biggest reasons why people choose to host a Fall River wedding reception and celebration at our venue is because of the food. Venus de Milo is known the world over for our signature dishes and distinguished history. Our stuffed baked lobster has been hailed “the best” by well-known chefs and critics from all over the globe. Couples can choose from a wide range of menu options, including fresh and local seafood, traditional wedding buffets and four-course meals, as well as cultural fare to include Asian, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish. We offer a variety of extras with each meal selection, as well as standard table linens, tables, chairs, and many other items that many venues don’t include.

Plan to Impress

While many wedding tips deal with picking the right dress or figuring out who pays for what, they often overlook the tiny details and things that couples can do to impress their guests. Sure, it’s your special day, but if you want a truly elegant wedding in Massachusetts, you need to make a positive impression. Beautiful decorations, a well-planned schedule, highly trained and courteous server staff, and perfectly executed meals can go a long way toward ensuring that you have a memorable wedding reception in Swansea, MA. Couples can work with our on-site event staff to make sure that they have everything they need at our MA wedding and banquet facility to create the atmosphere and experience that they desire.

The more you can do ahead of time to establish a smart staging plan for your classic wedding activities, such as tossing the bouquet and cutting the cake, the less you’ll have to worry about on your wedding day. The goal is to create a Fall River wedding reception that looks effortless while maintaining a high level of quality and excellence throughout the event. Everything from the ceremony and grand entrance to saying goodbye and driving off in your “getaway car” at the end of the party should be planned out and coordinated for best results. Even if you do not hire a professional wedding planner, make sure to have at least an organized friend or family member take control so you won’t be having to keep checking in with everyone on your wedding day.

Make Smart Decisions

Think about the time of year that you will be hosting your wedding reception in Swansea, MA when you select the colors for your theme. Seasonal colors can offer a significant advantage, particularly when it comes to finding decorative items, putting together centerpieces, creating favors, and picking out flowers. While there are no hard and fast rules about what colors you should use for your Greater Fall River wedding reception, you will want to make it as easy on yourself as possible. Trying to find a specific shade of red or blue to coordinate with your wedding party and linens is one of those things that can drive a bride buggy throughout the planning process. Choose your colors, themes, and decorative ideas wisely to reduce stress and create a beautiful, elegant wedding in Massachusetts.

Many couples are now choosing to go simple with their color patterns, picking neutral colors and adding a pop of color. This makes it even easier to get a cohesive look and feel at the MA wedding and banquet facility that can be carried through to bouquets, cake designs, table decorations, and just about anything else you want to include. Elegance does not have to be stuffy, dull, or rigid. You can decide to include any type of music, activities, attire, and decorations that you want to reflect your personality or make a statement about your relationship. Venus de Milo has a reputation for helping couples to plan elegant and memorable wedding celebrations in the South Coast area. We can help you with all of your planning needs for your wedding reception in Swansea, MA. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 to speak with one of our event coordinators about your ideas for an elegant wedding reception.

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