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Greater Providence Weddings: Choosing the Best Wedding Theme

Greater Providence Weddings: Choosing the Best Wedding Theme

Greater Providence Wedding Theme IdeasSome couples know right away what type of wedding they want to plan at the local MA wedding and banquet facility. Others may need to think about what kind of decorations and styles they want to incorporate for their special day. The good thing is that Greater Providence weddings can be any theme that you want. You can choose to stick with a classic, traditional theme that incorporates a few colors and flowers that mean something to you or go with something contemporary and modern. A few couples will even decide to combine their personalities into the decorations for the banquet hall in Swansea, MA. It is important to choose what works best for you, reflects your relationship together, and will provide you with the wedding of your dreams.

Secure a Venue

The first step for any wedding planning is to secure the venue. Once you know that the date is set and the facility is available for your chosen date, you can start making plans. Contracts with vendors, such as photographers, bakers, DJs, and catering companies, should not be made until you know when and where the event will be held. Venus de Milo is famous in the Southcoast area for hosting social gatherings and special occasions. However, above all, we are known as a premier wedding venue for couples from Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. If you are looking for a beautiful location that offers lots of space and amenities, you will want to take a tour of the world-famous Venus de Milo in Swansea, MA.

Seasonal Theme

One of the most popular types of wedding themes is the seasonally-based celebration. If you are getting married in the fall, celebrate the fall colors, foliage, and bountiful harvest. If your wedding is in the winter, you can choose to incorporate seasonal colors and decor for a winter wonderland theme. Couples who get married in the spring can choose to select traditional pastel shades and variations of white, along with beautiful seasonal flowers from local growers. Summer weddings can embrace a variety of options, including garden-in-bloom, a Cape Cod beach theme, or something nautical. These are just a few examples, but of course, there are thousands of options that you can choose for your special day.

Location Theme

There are three ways to go about choosing a location theme for your wedding. The first is to embrace the existing decor and theme at the MA wedding and banquet facility, choosing your colors, decorations, and style accordingly. The second is to stick with the original theme for your ceremony, such as a super traditional theme to match the church or chapel where you said your vows or a natural theme for an outdoor wedding. The third is to give a nod to the location where you will vacation on your honeymoon, like a beach, the mountains, the desert, or a trip across Europe. You should also consider the look and feel of the venue and how it will measure up as a background to your chosen theme. Think about the lighting, the walls, the flooring, and the colors that you will use for everything from linens to bridesmaid dresses.

Personality Theme

Some couples are more formal than others. If you prefer something casual and laid back, you can incorporate that into your theme. However, if you want to create a total black-tie affair where even the guests are required to dress in formal attire, you can do that as well. There are a wide range of casual and glamorous wedding themes and styles for you to choose from, based on your personalities. Keep this in consideration when selecting a theme. How dressed up do you want to be? What type of food do you want to serve? All of these elements can be used together to paint the perfect picture of the personality or mood that you want to express at Greater Providence weddings and reception celebrations.

Color Themes

Another common way to go is a simple color-based theme. If you don’t want anything kitschy or over-the-top in your decor, just try to stick to two main colors and an accent color. Many of the social gatherings and special occasions that we host are plotted out in this way. It helps to have a color theme for choosing flowers, centerpieces, linens, cake decorations, and invitations. In fact, sticking with colors instead of another type of theme can make it easy to choose your favorite foods for the meal served at the MA wedding and banquet facility. Can you imagine how complicated it can get trying to plot out a medieval or western theme menu? A color theme gives you the freedom to incorporate a variety of elements without going too far off course.

Tour Venus de Milo

The best way to get started on your plans for Greater Providence weddings is to take a tour of our banquet hall in Swansea, MA to see what fits. Our on-site event coordinators can help you with some ideas and even show you a portfolio of past weddings that have been hosted at Venus de Milo. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 to schedule a tour or contact our team to check on availability for your desired date.

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