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Holiday Office Party Ideas: Professional Event Planning in MA

Holiday Office Party Ideas: Professional Event Planning in MA

holiday-office-partyHave you ever planned social gatherings and special events for your office? What about a large scale holiday party? If you don’t have a lot of experience working with big events that need to be well organized and professional for corporate guests, you might want to hire an expert. Working with a professional event planning coordinator can really help you to keep everything under control. From choosing the best elegant ballroom spaces for your holiday office party at the best South Coast event venue, to choosing menu items, picking out decorations and scheduling entertainment, there’s a lot to be done.

If hiring a professional event planning coordinator is not in your company budget, consider working with a venue that includes the use of an on-site coordinator to help you get it together. Venus de Milo is a world class restaurant located in Swansea, MA. It is convenient to guests from all over Southeastern Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, making it a great choice for business parties, social gatherings and special events. Create a memorable event for your entire staff by hosting this year’s party at The Venus.

Check Your Budget
Before you do any serious planning and decorating of the South Coast event venue, make sure to work with your boss or the finance department on the party budget. Knowing how much you have to spend and when you will have access to funds for deposits on the venue, entertainment, vendors and other things you want to include, will help you keep it all under control.

The mark of good professional event planning is having a budget, sticking to it and making the most out of what you have at your disposal. Think about the things that will make the biggest impact and push aside the things that people might not really care if you include or not. Keep checking your budget throughout the planning to make sure you aren’t accidentally overspending without realizing it.

Party at a Restaurant
Instead of looking at elegant ballroom spaces, why not consider hosting your event at a restaurant instead. Venus de Milo is the best of both worlds, offering guests space for large social gatherings and special events, as well as being a world famous New England restaurant.

Choosing to host your party as a dinner instead of a traditional office party can help to curb some of the mishaps and social awkwardness that can happen at business gatherings. Work with the restaurant to create a menu that will reflect the purpose of your party and you can save a lot on decorations by forgoing the dance floor, bar, decorations and other typical party elements.

Consider a Post-Holiday Celebration
If you start calling around to reserve space at your favorite South Coast event venue and it is already booked up for the holidays, consider hosting a post-holiday office party instead. This can be a great way to include co-workers that might not be around during the holidays, as this is one of the most popular vacation times of the year.

Hosting your party in January, after the New Year holiday and before all of the football parties really get into full swing, can be a great way to ensure that you get to have your social gatherings and special events at your favorite venue instead of settling for second best. The sooner you know when you want to host a party and how many guests you will have, the easier it will be to reserve elegant ballroom spaces, banquet halls and restaurants for your holiday office party.

Skip the Open Bar
One way to cut costs at your event is to skip the open bar. One way to curb this is to provide “drink tickets” to each guest. This puts a limit as to how much alcohol you are paying for during the gathering, but also puts a limit as to how much indulging your guests will do. Unfortunately, one of the hallmarks of an office party is the drunken co-worker who ends up saying something that they will eventually regret.

Interested in hosting your party at The Venus? Speak with the professional event planning coordinator at Venus de Milo about all of the options available for your social gatherings and special events. We have party spaces that are available for small, mid-sized and large events at our South Coast event venue, so we can definitely accommodate your holiday office party. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 to find out more about our facility or to reserve space for your big office bash!

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