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Host Wedding Ceremony & Reception: One Location in Swansea

Host Wedding Ceremony & Reception: One Location in Swansea

One Location Wedding Ceremony and Reception Swansea, MALooking for new ways to simplify your wedding ceremony and reception? Consider hosting both events at a single premiere wedding venue in Southeastern Massachusetts. Not only will it make it easier for your guests to move from the ceremony and right into the reception, but you will also save money by only having to book a single venue. In addition, there are lots of other benefits to having an all-in-one wedding at a MA wedding and banquet facility. You get to eliminate the cost and hassle of renting a limo or other type of transportation for you and your wedding party. Your guests won’t have to worry about finding parking at two locations or getting lost and missing an important part of the celebration.

How to Stage the Event
Work directly with the on-site coordinator at Venus de Milo to find out the best ways to stage your event at our banquet rooms in Swansea. We have had many couples go this route with their wedding planning and we can help you with your Swansea wedding reception too. Some couples elect to have the ceremony on one side of the ballroom and have the reception on the other side. Others choose to have the ceremony and then send everyone outdoors or in another room for a cocktail hour, while staff transforms the ceremony space into a reception. Figure out what works best for you, your schedule and your budget.

Things to consider when staging your event at our premiere wedding venue include:

  • the number of guests that you have and how much space you will need
  • whether you are going to be having a sit-down meal, buffet or cocktail party
  • if you want guests to carry their own chairs from the ceremony side to the reception side or if you want to hire someone to do that for you
  • whether you will have a DJ, live band or other form of entertainment
  • if you will want to have a dressing area to change from the ceremony to the reception for you and possibly the wedding party
  • whether you want to have any part of the wedding ceremony or reception outdoors

Booking Vendors for the Wedding
Another great time and money saver is in booking vendors for the Swansea wedding reception and ceremony. Instead of having to pay the travel time and mileage for vendors that you want to have at both venues, you will only need to have them come to our MA wedding and banquet facility. Many weddings have suffered delays and other problems due to vendors not making it from one location to the next, either because they got lost or because of traffic problems. When you host at our premiere venue, you can rest assured that our team will work with your vendors to make sure they have everything they need to set up and do what you hired them to do in our banquet rooms in Swansea.

Some of the vendors that you might want at both parts of your celebration include:

  • photographer or videographer
  • photo booth
  • florist
  • decorating services
  • clean-up services
  • musicians
  • emcee

Breaking Tradition in Style
One thing that you need to know about planning your wedding ceremony and reception is that there are no hard and fast rules about what needs to occur during your special day. If you want to have a ceremony followed by cake cutting and cocktails, you can totally do that. If you would rather have a traditional celebration with a live band and lots of crazy dancing, you can do that too. The point is, you can break tradition or embrace it – it’s totally up to you. Our MA wedding and banquet facility has all of the space and amenities you need to do whatever you want in any way that you want to celebrate your new life together.

You can also serve breakfast, brunch or have any other alternative type of menu at your reception. Work with our on-site event coordinator to find out more about our premiere wedding venue. You can also get ideas from other couples who have held their ceremony and reception at our banquet rooms in Swansea. Don’t feel as though you are boxed in to a certain set of rules or that you can’t buck tradition and try something new. While there are some restrictions due to fire safety codes and other regulations, there are lots of options available to you at our facility.

Contact Venus de Milo in Swansea, MA
If you are planning a wedding in the next year – or more – contact our team at Venus de Milo to discuss your options for hosting a wedding ceremony and reception all at one location. Our staff can take you on a tour of our premiere wedding venue and show you all of the opportunities available at our MA wedding and banquet facility. Call today at 508-678-3901 to ask about availability or to schedule a visit to our banquet rooms in Swansea, Massachusetts.

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