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How to Plan a Large and Traditional Wedding in Massachusetts

How to Plan a Large and Traditional Wedding in Massachusetts

Traditional wedding southeastern massachusettsWhile we read a lot about wedding trends and new ideas for couples who don’t want to go the traditional route, there are still plenty of people out there who want to plan a traditional wedding. If this idea is appealing to you and you are searching for the right Southeastern Massachusetts event venue, consider Venus de Milo. We are a premier wedding venue located in Swansea, MA. Our facility has space for large and small weddings, and our team of wedding event coordinators has many years of experience providing quality services and arrangements for couples from all over the northeastern region.

Setting a Traditional Stage

If you want a wedding that is truly classic in theme and traditional in organization, the first thing you need to do is set the tone. Establish a dress code for all wedding party members and guests. If you want the event to be black tie or at least require the guests to wear formal attire, make sure to obviously state this in your invitations. This will help to avoid the random guests who try to show up wearing jeans and T-shirts or other unconventional wedding attire. Make sure everyone knows your wedding colors and if you have any other specific dress code requests, be concise, clear, and direct. Enlist your maid of honor and best man to help by sharing this information with everyone throughout the planning process.

Creating a Classic Mood

Another way to have a truly traditional wedding is to think carefully about the music that will be played. Instead of a DJ and pop rock band, consider hiring a string quartet, jazz trio, or even a “big band” style ensemble to play your favorite songs for elegant dancing. A singer might also be a nice touch, especially for the first dance or other special moments. You may need to hire an experienced emcee to make announcements if the musicians or singer does not provide that service. Work with the premier wedding venue to set the stage for your classic entertainment performance to maximize the impact for guests.

Planning Elegant Transportation

The method you use to get to and from the Southeastern Massachusetts event venue is more than just basic transportation. All of your guests will see you arrive and watch you leave, so it is an essential part of the work you do to plan a traditional wedding. You could go with a limousine, a Town Car, or choose something even more impressive. Classic cars, such as a Bentley or a Rolls Royce, as well as vintage muscle cars are great choices for a stylish send-off on your honeymoon. Other couples may go completely in the other direction and choose a horse-drawn carriage, which can be a very elegant option for summertime and winter seasonal theme weddings.

Selecting the Attire

Shopping for the wedding dress is always a big deal. If you are planning a traditional theme wedding at our premier wedding venue, then you will want to make sure that your dress reflects it as well. As you start looking at your options, keep the traditional theme in mind so you can stay on target with the style and length of your gown. The tuxedo for the groom, as well as the attire for the entire wedding party, should be on point as well. Remember to pick clothing that will reflect the formal theme of the event, similar to the attire that you specify for your guests. If you have a long train or need to make a wardrobe change after the ceremony to make dancing more comfortable during the reception, work with wedding event coordinators to set up a bridal suite for easy adjustments throughout the evening.

Picking the Decor

Decorations for a traditional wedding at our Southeastern Massachusetts event venue should be classic in style as well. Flowers, flickering LED candles, and a mix of textures, metals, and glass should adorn your tables in the colors that you have chosen for your theme. Keep it simple and elegant, and be sure to avoid trendy ideas and themes when you plan a traditional wedding. Browse online idea websites or work with a wedding planner who can show you designs used at other traditional style weddings. Everything from the flatware to the dishes, the napkin colors and centerpieces should all reflect your classic theme.

Plan Well in Advance

Part of the appeal of a traditional wedding is that it is well-planned and arranged many months in advance. The standard planning time for wedding event coordinators to create a large-scale, traditional wedding is a year. Some couples want more time so they can focus on all of the details, while others may need a shorter planning period due to a job relocation or other personal event. As soon as you have a date range in mind, visit our Southeastern Massachusetts event venue and take a tour. Our team can answer all of your questions and help you secure a date for our premier wedding venue. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 to arrange a tour or schedule a menu tasting to get the ball rolling. The sooner you can start to plan a traditional wedding, the easier the entire process will be to complete.

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