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How to Plan Local Corporate Events for Providence Businesses

How to Plan Local Corporate Events for Providence Businesses

One of the biggest trends in recent years for corporate event planning is to take the team-building, workshop hosting, seminars, and networking opportunities offsite and away from the office building. While some companies still attempt hosting corporate events in an office conference room, the best results are achieved when the event is taken to a new location. Instead of flying your staff to a tropical location for what may prove to be a big waste of time and money, your best bet is to host your company’s events at a local conference center in Southeastern New England. In fact, you can host corporate events in Swansea, MA at the world-famous Venus de Milo, which is just a 20-minute drive from the heart of Providence. It is far enough away to provide all of the advantages of an offsite event, yet still close enough to be cost-effective for everyone involved.

Choose the Best Location

The location of the venue is important, as it needs to be convenient for your employees so you can maximize the time that you spend offsite and away from the office. However, the conference center that you choose also needs to have all of the amenities that you require to do all of the activities that you want to include for your big event. If you will have speakers, a workshop, or will be including a presentation, make sure to ask about audio-visual equipment and other technology options when you are hosting corporate events in Massachusetts. Venus de Milo has a wide variety of business-grade technology, audio equipment, and visual options that will help you put on a memorable presentation. Parking, restrooms, Wi-Fi connectivity, and space to host a luncheon, participate in team building exercises, and interact with co-workers should also be available, depending on your needs.

Memorable Food & Beverage Options

When asked about events that they have attended in the past at a conference center in Southeastern New England, many Providence business professionals have reported that their biggest “like” and their biggest “complaint” had to do with the food that was served. The choices that you make for the menu when Swansea, MA event planning can have a big influence on how your employees feel about the corporate event as a whole. Venus de Milo is well-known for the high quality food and beverages that we serve. In fact, it is how we earned such a solid reputation in the local area and beyond. Choose from high-end dinners that include surf and turf options like our world-famous Venus Signature New England Lobster Casserole or Lobster Pot Pie, a variety of ethnic menu options, and other local favorites. Non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, specialty cocktails by the gallon, coffee, tea, and other standard options are all available to meet the tastes and needs of your team.

Physical Activities

Make sure to include some physical activity throughout the day when hosting corporate events in Massachusetts. Stretching exercises, a yoga session, or a fun Zumba class can be a great way to get everyone up and moving. Even just a 15-minute activity that is designed to energize, invigorate, and celebrate your team will boost spirits and keep everyone focused on the task at hand. Depending on your company policies and mission, some businesses are replacing the old coffee, smoke, and bathroom break with an exercise, activity, and meditation break to encourage healthy lifestyles.

Team Building Activities

Another great way to get everyone on the same page is to include some professionally organized team building activities. Don’t just have a “field day” of creative and fun games, but make sure that the ideas you integrate into your Swansea, MA event planning have a goal. Find new ways to inspire, motivate, and build camaraderie with your employees by encouraging team building exercise to make sure that everyone is involved. Activities that help bring departments together, assist in developing teamwork, and get employees working toward charitable or social goals are also popular with many businesses in our area. Consider hiring a pro to lead these corporate events in Swansea during your gathering.

Take a Tour of Venus de Milo

Bring your planning team and come take a tour of our facility. We have everything you need for hosting corporate events in Massachusetts. Our conference center in Southeastern New England has all of the amenities, space, menu options, vendor referrals, and audio-visual equipment you could ever require to plan beneficial corporate events in Swansea and the surrounding area. We have a solid relationship with Providence businesses and Rhode Island as a whole. In fact, we have purchased over a million lobsters from Newport Island fishermen, as well as fresh fish, and locally-grown produce throughout the state. We even purchase hundreds of turkeys from Rhode Island farmers for our holiday buffets and take-out meals each year. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 or use our Rhode Island line at 401-861-2780 to schedule a tour or to secure a date for your Swansea, MA event planning at the world-famous Venus de Milo.

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