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Locating the Best Massachusetts Wedding and Banquet Facility

Locating the Best Massachusetts Wedding and Banquet Facility

best wedding venue in massachusettsMassachusetts is a relatively large state. It might not be Texas or California “big,” but finding the best venue for a wedding can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. It can be helpful to know what you want, the amount of space you will need, the type of wedding you want to host, and any other must-have factors before you start looking for an MA wedding and banquet facility. Venues that are too small can be checked off the list quickly, as well as options that are outside of your budget or that don’t offer on-site catering opportunities. Once you identify your needs, it becomes a lot easier to find the premier wedding venue of your dreams so you can start planning your special day.

The Biggest Decision

One thing that you might not realize when it comes to Swansea wedding reception planning is that the venue is one decision that sets the tone for everything else. Once you choose the best MA wedding and banquet facility for your needs, all of your other plans can start falling into place. Having the date, time, and location means you can also send out “save the date” cards or begin preparations for invitations to be hand-lettered and designed by a calligrapher. Work directly with the South Coast reception hall to learn all you can about rules and responsibilities concerning vendors and decorations, as well as any services or amenities that might be included or available at an extra charge.

Once you have all of this information, you can start to contact vendors and sign contracts for services. This is important, especially if you are planning an event at a premier wedding venue at the height of the New England wedding season. You don’t want to run the risk of your favorite bakery, photographer, or DJ being booked up for an event on the same day. The sooner you can knock out these essential details, the better. Check with the venue regarding all vendors, from the videographer to the florist, and any other specialized services you want to hire for your special day. Insurance policies, credentials, and other details must be negotiated and approved before you put down any deposits or sign any contracts.

Factors to Consider

When you start shopping around for an MA wedding and banquet facility, there are a few factors that must be at the top of your list for a venue to make the cut. The timeline of your wedding, including the date that you want to host your reception, as well as availability for decorating and other prep, must all be considered. If the venue is not available and you are unable to be flexible with your dates, it’s time to move on to somewhere else. The truth is that most couples choose the location first and then set a date based on what is open. However, there are certain situations where the couple may not have options for flexibility, such as military deployment, the start of a new job, and other reasons.

You must also decide if you want to have the ceremony on-site at the same location as the reception or if you will host at two separate venues. While some couples prefer to get married at the family church or in a local park, others may appreciate the convenience of doing everything on-site. It not only saves money on decorations, transportation, and space rental, but it also makes everything a lot easier for the couple, wedding party, and guests. Venus de Milo has space for indoor and outdoor wedding ceremony opportunities at our premier wedding venue and South Coast reception hall. If you are thinking about this two-in-one option, make sure to discuss your Swansea wedding reception planning ideas with one of our event planners.

Wedding Themes and Decorations

Another thing that might impact your decision concerning an MA wedding and banquet facility is the theme and decorations that you want to use. While some facilities are fairly plain and basic in their design, others are more decorated and ornate, providing a lovely backdrop for weddings, special occasion celebrations, corporate events, and other gatherings. Tour the venue in person – don’t just look at photos – so you can see it for yourself. Consider the theme and style that you want to use for your wedding and see if the South Coast reception hall works as a good backdrop. You might even save some money on decor if it works with your classic, traditional, contemporary, or modern theme.

Schedule a tour of Venus de Milo when you are ready to start your Swansea wedding reception planning. We have five beautiful ballrooms for you to choose from and space for small, medium, and large wedding events. Our premier wedding venue has provided quality services to couples throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island for over 50 years. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 to speak with one of our on-site event coordinators about your requested dates and needs in an MA wedding and banquet facility.

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