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New England Business: Plan a Successful Conference in Swansea

New England Business: Plan a Successful Conference in Swansea

New England Business Conference in Swansea, MASmall and large business conferences are planned in pretty much the same way. Once you know the pattern – what is required, necessary and essential for success – everything else all starts to fall into place. Setting a list of goals will help you to measure how effective your event was at the end of the day. Was it worth it to spend time planning and hosting corporate events in Massachusetts? Did your efforts in finding the best conference center in Southeastern New England pay off? Were all of the hours spent coordinating with the meeting and event space in Swansea, MA noticed by your attendees? If you don’t set goals, it can be hard to determine whether you got a solid return on your investment.

Step One: Discuss Your Goals
Hopefully you aren’t going this alone. Work together with your planning team to make a list of things that you would like to achieve by planning corporate events in Swansea. Do you want to make connections with other business owners within your industry in the local area? Do you want to set up a network of entrepreneurs or small business owners who are working toward similar goals for advancing technology or consumer perception of the products and services that you provide? Do you want to charge people to attend and build a business around hosting corporate events in Massachusetts? Will the event be just for your own employees and the goal is to advance education or inspire creativity? Whatever you want to get out of it, just be sure to make it clear.

Step Two: Create a Budget
Once you have identified your target audience and set some goals, it’s time to create a budget. It can be helpful to know how many people you are planning on attending. You can infuse your budget with additional cash by inviting sponsors to participate in the event at the conference center in Southeastern New England. Sponsors pay to be able to hang banners during the conference or expo, host a booth to provide information to attendees, participate in seminars and educational workshops, and they could even support a networking party, lunch or dinner.

This is a win-win situation for both you and the sponsor, allowing them to brand their business to your attendees, build up credibility as industry leaders by being invited to speak, and helping them to network with other people in the industry. It can also forge ongoing partnerships between you and the sponsoring companies, helping to create opportunities in the future for more corporate events.

Make sure to include all of the costs, from the rental of the venue at the meeting and event space in Swansea, MA to any refreshments, decorations, signage, tickets, advertising, staff, speakers, workshop leaders, flyers, business cards, audio/visual equipment and anything else you think you might need. Many industry event planning experts suggest that you figure it all out and then add an extra 15-20 percent to the budget just in case something gets forgotten or goes wrong. Create lists, use online planning apps or consider working with a professional event planner, especially if this is your first event.

Step Three: Location, Location, Location
The venue that you choose for hosting corporate events in Massachusetts can be the most important decision that you make. All conference centers are not created equal. While some will stick to hotels that offer meeting and event space in Swansea, MA, the smart event planner will look outside the box and start exploring the idea of banquet halls and other types of conference centers in Southeastern New England. For example, Venus de Milo is a world-famous restaurant and event venue. It is conveniently located, offers in-house catering options, features on-site coordinators to assist with planning, provides a list of pre-approved vendors, and has many of the audio/visual options, lighting and technology that you will require already in place for your big event.

Step Four: Hire Reputable Speakers
Make sure to take a professional approach to selecting, contacting and hiring speakers to come speak at your event. Even if you are asking someone you personally know to come talk to your attendees, make sure it is a professional request. Don’t just say, “Can you come talk about marketing to people at my conference?” Make sure to send a formal invitation via email or discuss it as a business proposition in person, expressing how serious and important their participation will be in the event. If you are hiring a professional speaker, make sure to get a contract and go over the terms of the contract so you know what to expect. Promote the speaker to potential attendees to increase attendance or interest in your corporate events in Swansea.

Step Five: Create a Schedule and Marketing Plan
The final phase is the write out a schedule of the events. Include any restroom or lunch breaks, as well as any free time or networking opportunities that you are planning. Having a detailed plan for an all-day event or even a weekend-long event will help attendees to decide which speakers they want to hear and which parties or social networking events they want to attend. When hosting corporate events in Massachusetts, it’s a good idea to start marketing your event as soon as possible. People will need to make travel arrangements, get approved time off of work to attend, and you will want time to build up hype and interest in the event itself. Work with the local conference center in Southeastern New England to get images of the meeting and event space in Swansea, MA for promotions, such as websites, brochures or industry trade magazine advertisements.

Visit the world-famous Venus de Milo and take a look at the space we have available for hosting corporate events in Swansea, Massachusetts. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 to learn more about our facility, schedule an appointment for a tour, or to check on availability.

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