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Plan a Seminar Series at a Conference Center in Massachusetts

Plan a Seminar Series at a Conference Center in Massachusetts

Swansea corporate event planningWhile some might think that Zoom meetings and online learning have taken over the world, the truth is that there is still a demand for in-person learning through seminars and other corporate event planning. Seminars and business forums are quite popular with company owners, managers, entrepreneurs, and even the employees who get sent to them to learn. Creating value-added seminars that are worth the time and money invested can help to grow your business and boost attendance when you are hosting corporate events in Massachusetts. Whether you create seminars at a South Coast event venue for your own team as an employee training opportunity or if you own a business that involves hosting seminar series and events, the first thing you need to do is find the right location. It is next to impossible to overcome the negative impact of a poorly chosen venue, regardless of how well organized the rest of your event happens to be.

Establish Goals and Objectives

The only way to know whether you have achieved a solid return on your investment is to have goals and objectives that must be met. While you might receive attendee feedback or see your popularity grow as an event organizer, the best way to determine if your corporate event planning has been successful is to check your success against a list of goals and objectives. What do you want to get out of hosting corporate events in Massachusetts? For those who are building a seminar business, how much do you need to clear in profit to make it worthwhile? For those who are creating seminars to train staff, what markers will your employees need to hit through performance to determine if the educational series paid off? The cost of renting the conference center in Southeastern New England, hiring the speakers, setting up the schedule, providing refreshments and meals, creating signage and paper handouts, and the time spent organizing the whole thing should all be factored into your profit and value margins.

Invest Time in Corporate Event Planning

To really make an impact on attendees and achieve your goals, a lot needs to go into the actual planning of the workshop, training session, or seminar series at the South Coast event venue. Once you figure out what you have to work with regarding budget, timeline, venue space, target audience, and create your list of goals and objectives, you should have a good idea of what type of content you want to provide. Corporate event planning for this type of event should involve creating a specific list of topics that are to be discussed, a list of speakers who would provide the most value to attendees, and any interactive events that you also want to include. The interaction could mean a follow-up Q&A session after the seminar has completed, a networking event after all of the seminars have concluded, or hands-on activity for participants to ensure that the information provided is useful.

Go Over All the Details

Once you have the conference center in Southeastern New England booked and get your speakers and topics locked in, the next phase of corporate event planning should involve going over all the details with the South Coast event venue staff. Make sure that every part of the event, including all activities, food service, breaks, and staff responsibilities, are addressed during this phase of the planning. If you require marketing materials, seminar handouts, signage, sponsorship banners, or anything else to create a positive impact on attendees, now is the time to outline it and make sure everything is ready. Go over schedules to make sure that nothing has been overlooked and stay in touch with any vendors, speakers, or sponsors ahead of the event to avoid any misunderstandings.

Make Sure the Tech is Ready

One of the requirements for a South Coast event venue should be the audiovisual equipment and other tech that is available. Part of corporate event planning involves the use of microphones, sound systems, and visual equipment, such as flat-panel televisions, screens, PowerPoint applications, and slides. Whatever your speakers will need to be able to put on an effective training session, you need to make sure that the venue you choose for hosting corporate events in Massachusetts can accommodate your requirements. Make sure you work as the intermediary between the speaker and the venue staff to ensure that everything they need will be available in the ballroom on the day of your seminar series or conference. You don’t want the schedule to be delayed in any way because of an audiovisual equipment misunderstanding or mishap.

Venus de Milo Event Space

If you are looking for a conference center in Southeastern New England that has all of the space, amenities, and services required to effectively plan a corporate event, look no further than Venus de Milo. Our facility can host groups of up to 1,800 guests, and our elegant ballroom spaces can be configured to allow for separate dining and meeting spaces, as well as offer room for VIP gatherings and break-out sessions during the event. Located just off Route 195 in Swansea, Massachusetts, our venue offers easy access to all of the major arteries that feed Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Free ample parking, a comprehensive audiovisual department, and award-winning in-house catering are just some of the advantages associated with our reputable South Coast event venue. If you would like more information or wish to schedule a tour of our facility, contact our team directly by calling 508-678-3901.

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