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Plan a Wedding at a Local MA Wedding Facility in Six Months

Plan a Wedding at a Local MA Wedding Facility in Six Months

six-month-wedding-planningSo he popped the question a little later than you had hoped and now you only have six months to plan the perfect wedding to coincide with wedding season in New England. While there are fall, winter and early spring brides in the northeastern states, most couples choose to say “I do” in the beautiful, mild weather months of late spring and summer. There are other reasons why you might need to plan your wedding sooner than you had expected, such as a big move, changes with your career path, economic situations or other unplanned events. Either way, most bride guides set the standard at a year of planning in order to pull off a beautiful wedding of your dreams. What are you going to do in just six months?

Contact the Banquet Facility
Your first step before you do anything else is to contact the venue that you want for your wedding and reception. If you are going to have a church wedding and reception at a local MA wedding and banquet facility, you will need to coordinate things even more closely. However, for the couple in-a-hurry, you might want to consider having both the ceremony and reception in the elegant ballroom spaces at the same venue. Venus de Milo is known for both its beautiful weddings and unforgettable wedding receptions, so you might want to start there.

Contact the local Swansea, MA event planning coordinator at The Venus to find out if your target date is available. Make sure to have at least 2-3 alternate dates just to ensure that you can get in during the time period that you are hoping to get. Other couples are planning out a year in advance, so remember that some of the most optimum dates and times might already be taken months ago. Be prepared to be flexible in order to get the venue you want to celebrate your special day.

Some tips for negotiating a venue that is already booked include:

  • ask about daytime or nighttime options instead of the time you initially requested, most wedding parties go on about 4-5 hours, so it is possible to book a second event on the same day if you coordinate it properly
  • ask about weekday openings instead of just weekend dates; while it might be more difficult to get all the guests there on a Thursday night than a Saturday afternoon, it might be the only way to get the venue of your dreams
  • find out about alternative options, such as outdoor setups for the ceremony and indoor receptions on-site to better coordinate with other events that might be going on at the same time in order to reserve the space
  • take a tour of the facility in advance to see the banquet facility area, elegant ballroom spaces and other possibilities that will help you to be more creative and flexible in your planning for the wedding day

Contact the Vendors
Once you have the date nailed down for your wedding day, make sure to start contacting all of the essential vendors and get them secured with deposits as well. Speak with the MA wedding and banquet facility for a list of approved vendors to save time and money hunting around and possibly getting a vendor that won’t work with the venue. When a banquet facility gives you this list, you know you are getting access to highly vetted, responsible, reputable and insured vendors that will help you have an awesome wedding day.

Some of the vendors that you will want to contact include:

  • DJ and/or Emcee – You will want someone to play tunes and announce the events as they occur, such as the cutting of the cake, the first dance, the father-daughter dance and so on. Popular DJs get booked early, so start as soon as you can.
  • Live Bands – If you want to have a live band play the music at your wedding – with or without a DJ to alternate for popular music – make sure to book them early. Find out if there is space at the elegant ballroom spaces of the venue for the band’s set-up and if the venue will approve them to play there.
  • Cake Baker – Depending on the type of cake you want, this should also be taken care of as early ahead of time as possible. Make sure to go cake-tasting and don’t just pick a cake for the way it looks – it’s what’s on the inside that counts too!
  • Catering – One of the clear advantages of working with a MA wedding and banquet facility like Venus de Milo is that you can get all of your catering options taken care of in the initial quote for the use of the venue; as one of the top 10 restaurants in New England, The Venus is the perfect place to host a wedding and reception with only six months or less of preparation time.
  • Photographer and/or Videographer – You want to make sure that you hire a good and reputable photographer or videographer to record your special day. Ask for references and to see examples of recent work to ensure that you will be getting the results that you desire.

Contact Venus de Milo
Make sure to work with the Swansea, MA event planning coordinator at The Venus, to find out about decorating the elegant ballroom spaces and other areas of the venue for your wedding ceremony and reception. Once you choose a theme for your wedding and reception, whether it is just based on seasonal colors or a particular interest for the couple, the decorations and all other planning will just fall into place. Everything from the linens to the flowers, the cake decorations to the lighting, it can all be coordinated based on your theme. To get a FREE estimate or schedule a tour of our facility, give us a call at 508-678-3901.

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