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Shop for Quality Decorations: Swansea Premier Wedding Venue

Shop for Quality Decorations: Swansea Premier Wedding Venue

One of the biggest mistakes made by couples today when planning a wedding reception in Swansea, MA or anywhere else in the New England area, is in the selection of decorations for the banquet facility. You can work all day with trained and experienced social event coordinators, but the only way to overcome this common faux pas is to learn what is a quality decoration and what might be perceived as tacky. Local party stores may have a wedding section, but they are not what you would want to use for a semi-formal or formal reception at a premier wedding venue in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Choose a Theme
The first thing you need to do is choose a theme. Having a theme is even more important than wedding colors. However, your colors will need to coordinate well with your theme. Select a theme that reflects who you are as a couple, such as country, traditional, modern, minimalist – just pick something that speaks to you. However, it is very important to avoid themes that might be more for a child’s birthday party than a wedding. For example, you might really like Star Wars, but that doesn’t mean it should be the whole theme for your wedding reception in Swansea, MA. You could incorporate a couple of small nods to the films in your reception, such as having guests hold light sabers as you walk down the aisle or when you leave the reception in your “getaway” car, just don’t have the whole theme be a movie.

Go Shopping for Decor
Think about all of the decorations you will need for the banquet facility and make a list. Stay away from party stores, which usually have “made in China” cheap options instead of anything classy for a premier wedding venue. Visit home decorating stores, such as Michael’s or Hobby Lobby for the best selection available at a price that you can afford. Low-in-cost isn’t the same thing as cheap. You can save money without losing your dignity or getting decorations that don’t really give the impression that you want to give to your respective families. Try to stay focused on the theme and wedding colors, so you won’t start mixing in things that won’t coordinate well at the wedding reception in Swansea, MA.

Some of the items that you will need include:

  • centerpieces – these do not have to contain flowers but can be made from just about anything that coordinates with your reception, such as cupcakes or specialty cookies, framed photos of the bride and groom, or objects that reflect the theme
  • favors – a tiny gift for your guests, a way to say thank-you; should also reflect the theme or at least the wedding colors
  • florals – can be minimal, limited to the bride’s bouquet and flowers for the wedding party and parents of the couple to help reduce costs for the reception
  • table decorations – can also be minimal, but should still be done to decorate the tables where the cake, guest book, gifts, gift cards, and other “stations” at the banquet facility are set-up to bring the theme throughout

Start by purchasing a few key items and then allow it to grow slowly from there. Create a mock place setting for the guest tables in your home that you can look at to see how the finished setting will be. This will help prevent overdoing it, adding too many little pieces so that you can create a beautiful looking table. Some weddings add too many extras, such as flower petals, confetti, sparkles, and cheap-looking items that don’t need to be there. You can avoid making this mistake by checking on your supplies regularly as you create the place settings to see how things are coming. You can also consult with social event coordinators on just the elements you aren’t sure about, such as creating an elegant place setting or what type of decor would work best at the venue.

The Bottom Line
When it comes right down to it, you need to accept that this is your wedding. While you might worry about doing something tacky or not being elegant enough, this is your special day. If you want to have a Star Wars wedding – go ahead and do it. If you would rather show your fun side at the bridal shower, bachelor party or morning-after brunch, save the light sabers and Yoda favors for those events. It’s your call. Just work with the premier wedding venue where you will be hosting the event to make sure that you aren’t planning on using anything that goes against the fire safety rules.

If you are looking for a place to host your wedding reception in Swansea, MA, give us a call at the world-famous Venus de Milo. We can schedule a tour with one of our social event coordinators at our wedding and banquet facility. Call 508-678-3901 to learn more about our premier wedding venue or to ask about availability.

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