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Should You Get Insurance for Your Swansea Wedding Reception?

Should You Get Insurance for Your Swansea Wedding Reception?

plan a wedding in swanseaAfter months of planning the perfect wedding at the most sought-after premier wedding venue in Southeastern Massachusetts, your plans change suddenly without notice. What do you do? What about all of those deposits and payment plans that you have been paying into and are committed to completing? Can you be compensated for the money that you have invested? There is this thing known as wedding insurance, which can help to protect you and your Swansea wedding reception. Whether the groom gets cold feet or if a vendor doesn’t show up, leaving you with no cake, no flowers, or no musical entertainment, you need to know that you are protected. You’ve already spent a fortune on food, decorations, and the MA wedding and banquet facility, so now what do you do?

What is Wedding Insurance?

You can obtain coverage for your special events, such as a big party or a Swansea wedding convention, through most major insurance carriers. In some cases, your existing homeowners insurance or renters insurance policy might cover some costs for a wedding if you are hosting it at home. However, the best way to get coverage for your event at an MA wedding and banquet facility is to purchase either a separate wedding insurance policy or a special event insurance policy from a specialized provider.

In addition to protection for renting a venue, hiring vendors, and other services, some policies can protect you in other ways. Homeowners or renters insurance might cover gifts that are stolen or destroyed. When you secure a South Coast reception hall for your event, ask about possible insurance coverage that could protect better than other policies you have considered. You don’t want to have overlapping coverage or pay for something you don’t need, but it does pay to get protection for one of the most significant days of your life that will require a substantial investment in everything from the dress to the food to the flowers.

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

The best way to decide whether wedding insurance is right for you or not is to think about what it covers – and what it doesn’t. In most situations, a policy can pay for any injuries or damage that occurs during your wedding ceremony or reception. It can even reimburse you if the entire event gets postponed or canceled. Someone gets sick or injured; military personnel gets unexpectedly deployed, a snowstorm locks down the local region – there are many variables that must be considered, depending on the time of year and your situation. Some issues are unexpected and cannot possibly be planned for, especially when most weddings are scheduled a year in advance.

Some of the most common wedding insurance claims include things like vendors who did not show up to provide the contracted services, extreme weather conditions, and injuries or illnesses. It’s hard to walk down the aisle or have your first dance when your leg is in a cast. Discuss your needs with the MA wedding and banquet facility or directly with the insurance provider. There are many different types of policies that can be used to provide you with the protection you need for your Swansea wedding reception.

Which Policy is Best?

Most event or wedding insurance policies offer two primary types of coverage, which includes liability insurance and cancellation or postponement coverage. Liability is the type of policy that covers you for any type of damage to the venue that you are held responsible for during your wedding reception. The other type of coverage is specifically for cancellations or postponements, reimbursing you for costs due to canceling or delaying a wedding due to injury, illness, extreme weather, or for other reasons beyond your control. This is designed to pay for the cost of a new ceremony and reception. It can also reimburse for a single deposit if you have a vendor not show up, even if the rest of the wedding takes place as scheduled. Additional riders can often be purchased to cover things like honeymoon insurance, military deployment as the cause for delay or cancellation, professional counseling, and liquor host liability insurance.

Work With Your Venue

The best way to protect your special day is to work with a reputable MA wedding and banquet facility that can assist you in the planning and scheduling of your Swansea wedding reception. Venus de Milo is a premier wedding venue located in Southeastern Massachusetts. We have decades of experience helping couples to plan their wedding ceremonies and receptions at our South Coast reception hall. To learn more about our services, schedule a tour, or check on availability, give us a call at 508-678-3901.

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