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South Coast Event Planning: Hosting a Grown-Up Birthday Party

South Coast Event Planning: Hosting a Grown-Up Birthday Party

Grown up birthday partyWhile it is a lot easier to plan a birthday party for a child based upon a theme that centers around their favorite cartoon character or movie, it really isn’t that much more involved to plan a special birthday party for a grown-up at a local South Coast reception hall. Adults love celebrating landmark birthdays with family and friends at a special location, so why not throw one for your spouse, partner or loved one at a unique Southeastern Massachusetts event venue? Venus de Milo is an award winning restaurant and a top location for many different types of Swansea, MA event planning, including weddings, receptions, corporate events, proms, retirement parties, anniversaries and birthday celebrations.

Create a Budget
Behind every successful party or event is a well thought out budget. Think about how much you have to spend overall and then divide your budget based upon all of the things that you want to include. Consider the cost for renting the venue space, the menu for the luncheon, cocktail party or banquet dinner, as well as any drinks or open bar you might want to include. Think about a birthday cake, decorations and music, such as a live band or a DJ for dancing. Champagne toasts are an appropriate add-on and of course you will want to make sure that everyone gathers to sing “Happy Birthday” and watch the guest of honor blow out the candles.

Choose a Theme
Just like a child’s party, you should have a theme for your grown-up birthday party at the Southeastern Massachusetts event venue. Think about what the birthday boy or girl enjoys most. You can even just choose a color theme if they don’t have an interest or a hobby that would work as a theme for the party. Some grown-up parties that are popular include an “over the hill” party, primarily for men turning 50 or 60; a Hawaiian luau, which works great for decorations and party favors; a sports theme party for football, basketball, hockey, baseball or golf; or an elegant black-and-white party where everyone dresses in tuxedos and fancy gowns.

Create a Guest List
Think about who you want to come to the party. Check with the South Coast reception hall to find out how many guests you can have and start creating a guest list of family and friends that you want to invite. Work with the Swansea, MA event planning staff to find out the cost per person for the award winning restaurant and event center. Sometimes this can help you decide how wide you want the guest list to be for this special occasion. Once you have a guest list and find out how much it will all cost, comparing it to your budget for the party, you can start sending out invitations. Try to give as much advanced notice as possible. The purpose for this is two-fold, to make sure that you secure the Southeastern Massachusetts event venue for your desired dates and to give guests enough time to prepare to attend the event.

Select the Menu
Contact the on-site event coordinator at the award winning restaurant and banquet hall to choose the food items for your menu. Once you decide if you are doing a lunch, a buffet, a plated dinner or a cocktail-style party, you can begin selecting the food that will be served. Ask about any alternate options for vegetarian guests or guests with allergies, just in case that comes up during the party. The Swansea, MA event planning manager can help you decide when the food will be served, how much food you will need and can speak with you about open bar options, cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages as well. Take care of as many details as you can ahead of time to avoid confusion or conflict.

Plan the Entertainment
Decide if you want to have a DJ, a live band or a host to help move the party events along. Sometimes performers, like magicians, jugglers or a comedian, can also be incorporated to help support the theme. You could even do a roast of the guest of honor! Ask the Southeastern Massachusetts event venue about audio visual equipment that can be used for this purpose, like microphones, video screens and more. Again, the earlier you start planning the entertainment and work with the South Coast reception hall, the smoother everything will go on the party day.

Contact Venus de Milo in Swansea, MA
If you are planning a grown-up birthday party in the South Coast area, contact Venus de Milo to find out about availability and options to help support your celebration. As an award winning restaurant known for our local, regional cuisine and seafood, our Swansea, MA event planning staff can hep you to choose a menu and plan a party that your guests will never forget. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 to speak with one of our staff members about reserving your desired date and coordinating your event.

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