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Swansea Event Planning Ideas for Local Community Fundraisers

Swansea Event Planning Ideas for Local Community Fundraisers

Fundraiser Charity EventsWhether you run a non-profit organization or are just trying to raise money to pay for the local Little League team to go to the state championships, it is important to spend time planning any social gatherings or special occasions that you plan on hosting for your group. Experts recommend that you start your Swansea, MA event planning at least six months in advance, in order to get the best results from your donors. In addition to raising the funds, you will also need that time to book the local MA wedding and banquet facility where you will host the event, and will also need to work with vendors, sponsors and volunteers to get everything else coordinated and organized.

Identify the Type of Event
There are lots of different things that you can do that will attract donors and represent your charity well within the community. When you host fundraiser events in Swansea, think about the type of donors that you want to attract. Animal lovers for shelter pets, families and kids for children’s charities, bikers for veterans – while not every charity has a specific demographic that coordinates with it, you can usually estimate the ages and backgrounds of the people who will come out to support your event. The more you can target the theme of the event, the activities at the event and the overall message of the event to that crowd, the more likely you will be to attract them to your social gatherings and special occasions for your party.

Decide Where and When
Once you have a date in-mind of when you want to host fundraiser events in Swansea, contact Venus de Milo to check on availability. We have outdoor spaces and indoor ballroom areas that can accommodate large crowds of people. Our team can also help you with your event planning ideas and vendor contacts at our popular MA wedding and banquet facility. We host a wide range of events here at our facility, including corporate meetings, conventions, weddings, parties, community events and, of course, local fundraisers. Hosting your gathering at our world-famous venue is another great way to get people out to support your charity.

Select a date that will be convenient for people to attend. Stay away from three-day weekends and holidays, popular vacation times and other hot-button dates. Try to check and see if there are other big events, such as festivals or fairs, going on in the immediate area when you go to pick your dates. You don’t want any competition for your event so you will be able to maximize attendance and donations. Work with the Swansea, MA event planning staff at Venus de Milo to find the best space at our facility to suit the needs of your special event, entertainment and any other activities that you want to include in the gathering.

Contact Sponsors
When you host a charity event, most of the basic costs for throwing the fundraiser are covered by sponsors. Take time to go out and visit local businesses to see if they want to support your event in any way. Be organized and provide a price sheet of different things that can be sponsored, along with information on what they can expect to get out of participation. For example, a “Gold Sponsor” could pay $1,000 toward the event and might be allowed to hang up a large banner at the event with their company logo and information, as well as be allowed to hand out business cards, sponsor a gift basket for a silent auction and put flyers out on a sponsor table. Make sure to have incentives for these companies to want to support your fundraiser so it is mutually beneficial for them and their business.

Prize sponsors are also important, as many of these social gatherings and special occasions have door prizes and other awards that they hand out during the event to help keep people active and interested during the entire program. Local restaurants and stores often give $50 or $100 gift cards, some companies like to provide gift baskets and other tangible items, while others like to give away free services or experiences, such as a 1 hour boat tour or something like that. When you stop and think about it, pretty much every type of business that you will visit up and down the main street of every town will have something that they can donate, even if they aren’t up to donating actual cash.

Everything Else
Food, vendors, rides, music, entertainment, beverages and special guests or even local celebrities, are just some of the other things that you need to consider. The type of vendors you contact will depend on the type of event you are throwing. For a black tie affair you might hire a quartet and an emcee, while for a fair or festival, you might bring in carnival rides and food vendors to bring it all together. Work with the coordinator at your local MA wedding and banquet facility to make sure that you have reserved enough space and will have enough parking for all of your guests.

If you are interested in learning more about how to host fundraiser events in Swansea and the surrounding area, or would like to reserve space at our venue for your social gatherings and special occasions, just give us a call at 508-678-3901. Our team can help you choose a date, pick a space and even assist with questions about catering, vendors, entertainment, decorations, promotions and much more. Call today and see for yourself why so many people host their special charity events and parties at the world-famous Venus de Milo.

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