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Swansea, MA Event Planning Tips for Area Community Gatherings

Swansea, MA Event Planning Tips for Area Community Gatherings

There are lots of different types of community gatherings that occur each year in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Whether your goal is to host fundraiser events in Swansea or celebrate your HOA community in Providence, it is important to find the right venue that will match what it is that you want to do. Ample parking, convenient location, enough space for everyone who will attend, and all of the amenities that will make the gathering special and memorable – not just any facility will be able to meet such a tall order. Start by checking out our banquet rooms in Swansea, MA at the world-famous Venus de Milo. We host events for communities, organizations, businesses, and families from all over Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Our team will work with you to plan a party in Swansea at our facility, providing a list of pre-vetted vendors and going over menu ideas to help make a big impression on all your guests.

First Things First
Start by getting a general head count of the number of guests that you will need to accommodate as part of your Swansea, MA event planning project. Venus de Milo can handle up to 1,800 guests in our large ballroom and meeting room space. Once you decide on the amount of space you need, go ahead and secure the venue. When you have a date for using the banquet rooms in Swansea, you can move on to other parts of the planning process. Choose a name for your event and start thinking about invitation options to help you attract guests to the gathering. You can create a website, use social media, or create print materials that can be mailed or handed out, depending on the number and location of your guests.

Hiring the Vendors
While you will find most of what you need on-site when you plan a party in Swansea at our venue, there might be some things that you want to outsource. Photographers, photo booths, DJs, live bands, emcees, and other specialty services are a great addition to any party. Decorating companies, florists, and bakers are other services that are common with community events. If your goal is to host fundraiser events in Swansea, you will need some specific items and services relating to the approach that you take to raising funds for your cause. Silent auctions, raffle tickets, and purchased attendance tickets are just some of the ways that we have seen clients raise money in the past. Special guest speakers and performers can also draw in a big crowd.

Get Volunteers
Regardless of the size of your event, whether you will be serving 500 or 1,500 guests, volunteers are always welcome. Make sure to ask for volunteers early on in your Swansea, MA event planning process to get the most return on your investment. You can’t do it all yourself, so the more hands that you have at your disposal for set-up and tear down, the better. Assign specific tasks to each volunteer or create groups if a lot of work needs to be done in multiple areas. Keep a list of each volunteer and what they will be working on so you can keep track of the work that has been completed and what still needs to be taken care of leading up to the event.

Prepare in Advance
The more you can do ahead of time, taking care of assembling decorations, creating a seating chart, ensuring that speakers know what they need to say, taking care of details with regard to presentations, and confirming the menu with our banquet rooms in Swansea, the less you will have to do on the day of your event. When working with volunteers, make sure everyone knows what they need to do and when they need to arrive on the day of the event, so there aren’t any misunderstandings. If you keep lists of everything that needs to be done, make sure to go over your checklist a day or two before the event so you will have time to go out and get anything that was overlooked or forgotten. Swansea, MA event planning of any size is always a bit stressful, but the more you can do to plan and prepare, the less stressful it will be.

Tour the Venue!
Before you do anything else, make sure to come out to our venue and tour the facility before you start to plan a party in Swansea. Whether the guest list is limited to just 100 people or if you will have over 1,000 in attendance, it is important to make sure that there is enough space for everything that you want to include. Contact Venus de Milo by calling 508-678-3901 or call our Rhode Island line at 401-861-2780 to schedule a tour of the venue.

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