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Tips for Hosting a Memorable New England Engagement Party

Tips for Hosting a Memorable New England Engagement Party

new-england-engagement-partySo he popped the question – now what? In a world where social media holds such prominence, chances are likely that family and friends will already find out about the engagement via Facebook or Twitter mere moments after she says, “yes!” However, it is important to know that there is a rule of thumb when it comes to throwing an engagement party and you might be surprised to find out that it isn’t the happy couple that plans the party. In fact, the financial responsibility for the parents of the bride begins with this initial announcement as a chance to celebrate the upcoming nuptials. In some cases, friends of the couple or the soon-to-be maid of honor or best man will throw the party. Either way, it is important to secure a banquet facility right away to ensure that you get the date you desire.

Where to Host Your Party
While you might not need to hire professional event planning for the engagement party, it is a good idea to pick a classy venue for the celebration. Venus de Milo is one of the top ten restaurants in New England and it is the first choice for many couples in the local area. However, because it is a popular Southeastern Massachusetts event venue, make sure to speak with the on-site coordinator about available dates for your special dinner. Consider being open to weeknights or even brunches instead of dinners to get space if the calendar is full. The beautiful ambiance of this well-appointed facility is the perfect place to celebrate engagements, showers, ceremonies, receptions and much more.

Who You Should Invite
Of course the couple, parents of the would-be groom and bride, any siblings or other immediate family members, grandparents, friends, colleagues and anyone else that you want to have there to celebrate this important moment in your life. Make sure to send out invitations right away and ask for an RSVP so you can report to the banquet facility about any changes to the guest list. The number of guests can vary depending on the type of party you are throwing. If it is a casual event, you might just want close family and friends. However, if it is a formal affair, you might want to invite co-workers, business partners, neighbors, friends of the parents and other individuals that might not make it to the actual wedding. This can be especially helpful for destination weddings that take the ceremony to a far away location where some might not be able to travel.

When You Should Throw the Party
If at all possible, the party should be hosted at the Southeastern Massachusetts event venue as soon as possible following the engagement. This should be a fun and light celebration before all the hard work of wedding planning really gets underway. Ideally it should occur within 30-days of the proposal and guests should be notified about the party invites as soon as the date is secured at the banquet facility. Including information about the venue, like that the Venus de Milo is one of the top ten restaurants in New England, will help to build some buzz about the party, the food that will be served and the overall elegance of the evening that you are planning.

How You Should Decorate
Try to keep the theme of the engagement party simple and centered around the couple. If the wedding already has a specific theme, try to create something similar that will lead guests toward the overall theme of the bigger celebration. If the wedding will be simple, make sure that the engagement party at the local banquet facility is simple as well. If the wedding will be elegant and over the top, make sure that the engagement party measures up as well. Consult professional event planning staff at the Venus de Milo for suggestions on decorations, themes and other elements that you should consider. They may have ideas that will help you to overcome budget issues, uncertainty about how much decorative items are needed and help you pull it all together.

Reserve Your Space at The Venus
If you are planning an engagement party or some other special event, contact the Venus de Milo. As a well-known Southeastern Massachusetts event venue, we are experienced in professional event planning for engagements, ceremonies, receptions and other important life events. Our team can help you choose the best menu from one of the top ten restaurants in New England, assist you with decorations for the banquet facility and help you schedule your party. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 to check on availability or to take a tour of our facility.

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