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Tips for Planning a Surprise Anniversary Party in Swansea, MA

Tips for Planning a Surprise Anniversary Party in Swansea, MA

Surprise Anniversary Party MassachusettsDo you know someone who is getting ready to celebrate a milestone anniversary? Your parents, grandparents or best friends? Professional event planning may sound like an expensive proposal, but you can plan a party in Swansea for social gatherings and special occasions at our South Coast reception hall for a lot less than you might expect. Venus de Milo is a world-famous restaurant and party venue that has been used for weddings, wedding receptions, corporate gatherings, charity fundraisers, community programs, personal parties, and much more. It is the perfect place to plan a surprise celebration to congratulate your friends or loved ones on their very special day.

Step One: Venue and Date
These two tasks should always be done together. Before calling around to rent space for your special event, you should at least have a time frame in mind. When it comes to a wedding anniversary, you can either schedule to plan a party in Swansea for the actual day or for the next closest weekend to accommodate more out-of-town guests who might not be able to travel during the week. Select the South Coast reception hall that you want for your party and then start making your plans from there forward.

Step Two: Create a Guest List
The next step is to think about who you and the lovely couple might want on the guest list. Social gatherings and special occasions like this one are often intimate, only involving the closest friends to help ring in another year. However, others may want to invite everyone that they know, so anticipate who the couple of honor would want to have at their party and be careful not to invite anyone that they might not want to attend.

Step Three: Establish a Theme
Think about the interests and tastes of the couple that you are honoring when you choose a theme. One way to go is to do an era or decade party that reflects the year that they were married. You can also choose a favorite movie, song, sport or other hobby that they both share and use it for your theme. Another way to go is to just choose a color or two-color theme, such as a silver theme for a 25th wedding anniversary or a gold-and-black theme for a 50th celebration.

Step Four: Invite the Guests
Once you pick a theme and can go out to get invitations, it’s time to invite the guests. Make sure to give them at least six to eight weeks in advance and don’t forget to tell them that it is a surprise party so they won’t talk to the couple about attending. You can mail formal invites, contact people individually via email, or make an event page on social media and invite people to the party that way.

Step Five: Decorations
Contact the South Coast reception hall and work with professional event planning staff to find out about what decorations are allowed or recommended for your event. When you plan a party in Swansea, also make sure to ask about lighting options for dancing and about audio-visual equipment, such as microphones and speakers, for entertainment or announcements. Consider adding centerpieces to the tables if it will be a plated meal or buffet and think about favors or other add-ons that you might want to include.

Step Six: Food and Refreshments
Go over the menu with the on-site coordinator. Remember that Venus de Milo does hundreds of social gatherings and special occasions here each year, so you will definitely want to find out what type of food and bar menus are available. Decide if you want to have plated, buffet, cocktail or cake cutting services during your event and express those desires to your professional event planning contact.

Step Seven: Surprise!
It can be difficult to pull off a surprise party for your special family members or friends. Find a unique way to get them to the venue and surprise them at the South Coast reception hall. Enlist the help of another friend or family member to make sure they get there on time.

Contact Venus de Milo for Surprise Party Planning
Give us a call when you are ready to plan a party in Swansea. Our team of highly trained and experienced professional event planning team members are ready to take your call. We can assist with a wide variety of social gatherings and special occasions. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 to get a FREE estimate on our services or to schedule a tour of our facility. Come see for yourself why Venus de Milo is one of the best venues in all of Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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