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Top 10 Secrets for Hosting Corporate Events in Massachusetts

Top 10 Secrets for Hosting Corporate Events in Massachusetts

Corporate Events in Southeastern MassachusettsIf you have been selected to help plan a Massachusetts corporate banquet for your company, it can be a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of moving parts involved with planning corporate events in Swansea and the surrounding area, so the sooner you can get started and organized, the better. Hosting corporate events in Massachusetts is a lot like other types of party planning. The more details you can gather from your boss, the easier it will be to meet or exceed expectations. Planning a successful corporate party could be a real feather in your cap and an opportunity to increase your value within the company. Unfortunately, if things go wrong, you might seal your fate in a more negative way.

Secret #1 – Establish a Budget

Before you do anything, make sure you know how much you have to spend. The budget should cover everything for your corporate event, including the rental of a prestigious conference center in Southeastern New England, food, refreshments, decorations, special guests, and anything else that your boss wants to be included. Once you have your budget in place, you can start to make some solid plans.

Secret #2 – Who is Invited?

Find out as soon as possible who you will be hosting corporate events in Massachusetts for with this project. Is it just for the executive team or will everyone be included? Can employees bring a spouse or “plus one” for the event or is it a staff-only type of event. Some companies create family events as well, so if this will include children, you need to know this information in advance.

Secret #3 – Choose a Date Range

This is very important, as you do not want to just pick one date and be stuck with it. Sometimes the best Massachusetts corporate banquet venue is limited due to wedding season or other events going on in the area. You want the flexibility of a couple of weeks so you can select the best date for your corporate events in Swansea. Avoid holidays, three-day weekends, seasonal events in the local area, and time periods that are essential to your business, such as quarterly report time or other significant deadlines.

Secret #4 – Pick the Best Venue

Once you have a budget, know the number of anticipated guests, and have a date range in mind, you can start scouting out the best conference center in Southeastern New England for your corporate event. Make sure the venue can handle the number of guests and that they meet your requirements for all of the things that you want to include when hosting corporate events in Massachusetts. Schedule a tour, speak with the on-site event planners, and make sure everything will work out in your favor for your Massachusetts corporate banquet.

Secret #5 – Secure the Venue

Once you have chosen the best location for corporate events in Swansea, make sure to secure it with a deposit. Go over all the details of the contract and don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions when you meet with the on-site staff. Discuss your needs for third-party vendors, as some venues will have a pre-vetted list designed to save you time and help you choose a quality service for your event.

Secret #6 – Serve Amazing Food

Regardless of the type of event, you are hosting, the one thing people always talk about is the food. When planning an event at our conference center in Southeastern New England, make sure to go over menu plans early on to get the best options. Pick from our selection of stationary or passed hors d’oeuvres for a cocktail party, deluxe dinner entrees for a plated banquet, or buffet options to give your guests the ability to choose for themselves. Our signature buffets are designed to delight and will exceed your expectations.

Secret #7 – Open Bar or No Bar

Discuss your options for serving drinks with your higher-ups. While some companies have a strict no alcohol position, others may feel that an open bar is required for some types of corporate events in Swansea. If an open bar is beyond your budget, consider drink coupons to limit the number of drinks served to your guests or serve wine and beer, champagne for a toast, or a signature drink to celebrate the season.

Secret #8 – Make It Entertaining

Include some form of entertainment when hosting corporate events in Massachusetts, either a live band or DJ so people can dance, or consider hiring a professional entertainer. Comedians, special guest speakers, celebrity or industry spokespersons – just choose someone that will really get everyone excited about attending.

Secret #9 – Consider Awards or Prizes

Another great way to get all of your employees to attend is to make your Massachusetts corporate banquet into an awards ceremony that recognizes performance and various achievements within the office setting. Prizes could also be given in the form of door prizes or raffles where the funds raised go to a company-support charity.

Secret #10 – Have a Backup Plan

Even the best venue, team, plans, and organizational skills need to have a backup plan just in case something goes wrong. Bad weather, power outages, illnesses, and other complications can be smoothed out if you have something planned in advance that you can do in the event of an emergency.

Schedule a Tour of Venus de Milo

If you are hosting corporate events in Massachusetts or Rhode Island, consider Venus de Milo for your gathering. We are the premier conference center in Southeastern New England, providing room for up to 1,800 guests in our spacious ballrooms with all of the amenities, technology, services, audiovisual aides, and options you could ever require. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 to schedule a tour of our facility to plan your Southeastern Massachusetts corporate banquet event.

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