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Wedding Reception Staging Tips for South Coast Reception Hall

Wedding Reception Staging Tips for South Coast Reception Hall

reception-staging-swanseaPlanning a wedding. If you have never done it before, it is sort of like going to a foreign country to plan a party. Sure, they all speak English and it sounds like it will be easy, but the deeper you get into making plans, the more you realize that you don’t know any of the terms that they are using to explain the event. Some of the lingo is easy to figure out, while others may require a translator. Even if you aren’t an expert, you can take advantage of professional event planning services when you book your special day at our wedding and banquet facility. When you book at Venus de Milo, you won’t just get a South Coast reception hall, but all the experience, glamour, space and options of a venue that has many years of experience hosting banquets and restaurant events for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, anniversary parties and much more. Our team will help you to pull off a very memorable affair that will have people talking about it for weeks and months after you tie the knot.

Basic Staging Concepts
One of the terms that you will become familiar with when planning a wedding is staging. Staging means the schedule that you set and the coordination you make with the professional event planning staff and vendors to fit everything you want into your special day. Everything from the reception line to the first dance, cutting the cake and leaving for your honeymoon is all structured and staged every step of the way. Each couple is different, so the plans that you choose may differ slightly from the examples given here simply because of different things you plan on incorporating or leaving out. Speak with your coordinator at Venus de Milo to determine the best staging concepts for your wedding day.

Step One – Cocktail Hour
Once you say “I do” and head to the wedding and banquet facility to start the reception, this time period is known as the cocktail hour. During this time, the newlyweds will leave the ceremony and head off to take care of the business of taking photos together, taking photos with the wedding party and getting lined up to greet guests at the reception site. Some modern brides choose to skip the reception line and allow guests to filter in, find seats and start mingling while photos are being taken. Make sure to serve appetizers along with drinks to prevent guests from getting too inebriated before the reception officially starts.

Step Two – Toasts and Cheers
A segue way should be provided to get everyone off the reception line and away from the appetizers to get seated at their tables. This is when toasts and cheers may be given. It is a good idea to do the toasts as early in the evening as possible and to include special things like a family blessing for the couple and a possible speech from the parents of the bride and groom. At this point the vendors in charge of banquets and restaurant catering can start serving food or invite everyone to the buffet line, depending on how you set everything up for the evening.

Step Three – Dinner is Served
Make sure to do everything you can to get the bride and groom to their table to eat. They should go first and every effort should be made to ensure that they get a chance to sit down at the South Coast reception hall and at least have a bit of this food that they worked so hard to pick out and plan. Ask the DJ or band to play some low-key background music as the food is served. If you have an emcee, they can help call out each table when it’s time to hit the buffet line or just keep everyone on-track with the staging of the reception.

Step Four – First Dance and Festivities
Now if that time that your professional event planning staff should coordinate with the banquets and restaurant staff to start clearing tables. Your DJ or band should get things prepared for the dance and festivities portion at the wedding and banquet facility. The first dance between the bride and groom is important, as is the father-daughter dance with the bride. The tossing of the bouquet, the throwing of the garter and any other festivities that you want included should occur now before the dance floor is officially opened up to the entire wedding party and guest list.

Step Five – Cutting the Cake
Tradition dictates that the cutting of the cake and serving of dessert is indicative of the party winding down. Approximately an hour before the event is over, make sure to make your way to the cake table at the South Coast reception hall to cut and serve the cake. Make sure to take advantage of plating services via the professional event planning staff and always serve coffee, tea and water with the cake to help reduce any alcohol effects from the toast earlier before you guests start to make their way home. Consider having boxes already packed for those who want to take a “good luck” piece of cake home with them for the evening.

Step Six – Winding It Down
The final step, once everyone has had their fill of dancing and cake, is to say good-bye to the happy couple. You can stage your send off by changing into traveling clothes if you are going off on a honeymoon or just run out the door to the limo to head off to a beautiful honeymoon suite at a local hotel. Decide if you want guests to throw things at you, such as flower pedals, traditional rice, sparkles, confetti or to blow bubbles. Make sure to check with the wedding and banquet facility about any rules regarding these activities or clean-up fees associated with things being thrown.

Contact Venus de Milo for Wedding Reception Staging Assistance
If you are planning a wedding in the Southeastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island area, contact Venus de Milo for the perfect location to celebrate your special day. Our wedding and banquet facility features elegant ballrooms, beautiful decor and features all of the banquets and restaurant advantages that you would expect from one of the top ten restaurants in all of New England. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 to find out about availability or to schedule a tour of our South Coast reception hall and facility.

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