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Wedding Trends: Small and Intimate Swansea Wedding Reception

Wedding Trends: Small and Intimate Swansea Wedding Reception

Wedding Trends: Small Weddings in Southeastern MassachusettsOne of the hottest wedding trends in America right now is the smaller wedding. Instead of inviting everyone you know and, let’s be honest, a whole bunch of people who you don’t know; many couples are instead choosing to only invite their closest family and friends. There are many advantages to hosting a smaller Swansea wedding reception at a local MA wedding and banquet facility. Ballrooms come in all shapes and sizes. You can get an absolutely gorgeous space for your wedding at a South Coast reception hall that you might not have had access to with a guest list featuring hundreds upon hundreds of guests.

In addition to more options and opportunities, there are many other reasons to explore the idea of a smaller, more intimate wedding reception. Working with Swansea, MA event planning coordinators at a premiere venue, such as the world-famous Venus de Milo, can help you to plan an unforgettable, classic wedding at a fraction of the cost due to your downsized guest list. You can use the savings to plan a honeymoon, put a down-payment on a new house, invest in additional decorations, entertainment or attire for your wedding celebration – the point is, you can save money and use it for whatever you want as you start your new life together.

What Matters Most
One of the best side effects of planning a smaller Swansea wedding reception is that you can share your special day with the people who matter most. Your loved ones who are supporting you and your new marriage can all be there to spend time with you on your big day. Large guest lists often mean glad-handing guests that you barely know or have just met, while smaller guest lists mean actually spending time with parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, best friends and your new in-laws in a more intimate setting. It’s a great reminder of who will actually be there for you in the weeks, months and years to come.

You can also put focus on what is most important to you for your wedding day. If you want to have a special band or host your wedding at a particular South Coast reception hall that you might not been able to have afforded otherwise, a smaller wedding is a great opportunity to do so. If you wanted a special wedding dress but thought you might have to compromise to pay for reception menu costs, you might be able to get it now with a smaller guest list. Sit down together as a couple and make lists of what you really want (and don’t want) for your celebration at our MA wedding and banquet facility. Your Swansea, MA event planning team can help you make important decisions regarding decorations, entertainment, menus and more.

So Much Easier to Plan
Another benefit of hosting a smaller wedding is that it is much easier to plan. If you were planning a large wedding and only found 50 favor items that you wanted, you would have to move on and find something else. If you are hosting a smaller wedding of 50 guests or less at your Swansea wedding reception, then you’re in business! You can also create a custom menu at the MA wedding and banquet facility with the on-site chef and catering team. Adding in custom items or extra items would cost a fortune with a huge guest list, but a smaller guest list can help your Swansea, MA event planning ideas go a lot further.

Your to-do list is a lot simpler when you only have 50-75 guests or less to consider. You can more easily make adjustments to your plans, better coordinate seating plans, and just relax a whole lot more than you would if you were planning a huge, traditional wedding. Many vendors charge less for smaller weddings as well. Similar to how they do it for a Swansea wedding reception at a South Coast reception hall, many vendors will charge per-head or by blocks of people. This includes things like the wedding cake and service, an open bar and bar-tending services, musical entertainment, emcees, photo booth operators and even photographers.

Go “Mini” with All of Your Plans
There are other ways to incorporate your “small wedding” ideas into your plans for a wedding reception at a MA wedding and banquet facility. You can go “mini” all the way with mini appetizers, mini plates of food, mini cocktail drinks and mini cupcakes or cakes instead of traditional wedding fare. There’s even a cake pop “cake” trend sweeping the nation! Shorter dresses for the bride and the brides maids, dress shirts, suspenders and bow ties for the groom and groomsmen – you can truly do anything you want when you host a smaller wedding. Go all out and go big or go the other way and make it all small. Whatever you want for your special day, you can do it a lot easier and for a lot less money if you keep your guest list small.

Contact Venus de Milo by calling 508-678-3901 to set up a tour of our facility. Come see our beautiful ballrooms at our premiere Swansea wedding reception location. Meet with our on-site event planning staff to talk about your ideas for a wedding of any size at our MA wedding and banquet facility.

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